Played by Epic Music Game Concert
Produced by Visual Productions.

GRIS with Nomada Studio

“This gorgeous title from Devolver Digital is a watercolour platformer, which looks achingly beautiful., with a haunting soundtrack to match.” – Chella Ramanan /


“Se tutto ciò funziona, però, è anche merito di una colonna sonora davvero azzeccata. Tappeti di synth sporchi e qualche nota di pianoforte, entrambi accompagnati da una piccola sezione d’archi, capace di esplodere velocemente in un coro potente ed evocativo” – Tommaso Todd Montagnoli /


All of these ideas are wrapped in a beautiful watercolor-inspired art style and an incredibly moving score. – Jon Ryan / IGN


The lovely visuals. The soothing soundtrack by indie artist Berlinist. The silent narrative about loss. I was more taken by all of these aspects combined (…) – Michael Leri / GameRevolution


The band’s work with the music adds a lot to the emotional side of things, and also keeps the pace and the tone with dynamic tunes and hair-raising choruses cueing in. – David Caballero / Gamereactor


Much like the games it looks up to, Gris is being brought to life thanks to its compelling audio environment and soundtrack. – Marie Dealessandri / MCV


La música corre a cargo de la banda catalana ‘Berlinist Band’, quien supo otorgar el ingrediente final que hace que ‘GRIS’, al menos en lo que hemos visto, sea una obra de arte en movimiento, donde la música se vuelve un conducto ideal para transmitir la emotividad de las imágenes. – Raúl Álvarez / Xataka


Los jugadores explorarán un mundo diseñado meticulosamente que cobra vida gracias a unos gráficos delicados, una animación detallada y una elegante banda sonora original. – Nacho Requena / MeriStation


Gris is a game that wants to teach us something about these fears we hold inside. It does so with a beautiful art style, a moving soundscape, and gameplay that, at times, flashes over into metaphor. – Charlie Hall / Polygon


Equally key to Gris’s atmosphere is its music, composed by Berlinist. – Wireframe Magazine


Gris is a meditative video game featuring a stunningly original score and beautifully crafted animated landscapes that unfold as abstract mountains, ruins and forests. – Louise Osborne / Happy


But they fell into a rhythm that yielded some of the most beautiful in-game art I’ve ever seen. The visuals and the music (by Berlinist) work in concert to compose a heart-rending narrative experience. – Amanda Farough /